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Figure of Mythical Roc
Chunyu with Tiger-lip
3-Colored Cup
Jade `Zhang¨
Chinese Coat of Red Damask
Leather Armour of Yi People
Wine Cup of Rhinoceros Horn
Sleeping Cat with Plain Stone & Grapes by Zhu Da
  Leather-show is an ancient art in Chinese history, which would be called the forerunner of the modern films. After the full preparation of 2years, such a special display would be opened on Nov. 1st, 2008 at the art gallery of City University, Hong Kong,..
On the afternoon of Oct. 27, Mr. CHEN Chanzhi -- vice-chairman of NPC Standing Committee, Chairman of China Democratic National Construction Association Central Committee C pays a visit to SUM, accompanied by Prof. YANG Quanming (Head of Sichuan..
  To celebrate our National Day, Museum cooperates with Western China Painting and Calligraphy Institute to make a modern display on the paintings of the modern masters in Chinese traditional Painting and Calligraphy. 30 pieces of paintings would be on..
  In April, Mr LI Xiaotao, deputy director of the museum, is invited as the visiting scholar by Arizona State University for a week, who gives a seminar on the ancient Sanxingdui culture. It is welcomed bythe graduates and undergraduates there in Arizona...
On Feb. 2nd, Wuhou Temple Museum and Sichuan University Museum offers a special exhibit of gorgeous raiment of Qing Dynasty to the community, which reflects the rich collection of our museum in such a field. The exhibit displays 146 pieces of Clothing in Qing..
The horrible 5.12 earthquake has made great damages in both life and fortunes, which hurts the feeling of love of all the faculty members in Museum. Just on May 19th, the staff of the museum gathers together to mourn for the dead, and also offer their help hand..
  The horrible earthquake, occurred at May 12, 2008, has made great loss of both the school and museum. On May 30th, Ms. Chen Xiaoya, the vice minister of the State Ministry of Education, inspects the museum to see the damages made by the very earthquake,..
  On Sept. 23, Mr. Zhu Baojun, famous modern painter of Chinese traditional Painters, visits Sichuan University Museum accompanied with Prof. LI Xiaotao, Museum¨s deputy director.   Mr. Zhu donates to Sichuan University Museum his newly-drawn..
  On March 22th, Mr. MYUNG OH visits Sichuan University Museum with his delegation. Mr. MYUNG OH is the President of Konkuk University of South Korea comes Chengdu to search for the further cooperation with Sichuan University.   Dr. HUO Wei,..
  Mr. Ole A. Seifert, a Norway oil painter, born in 1963, is talent painter with a vast interests in many fields. Hereby, he just offers his recent paintings on display, which reflects a new world in his heart. This very exhibit offers over 40 pieces of his..
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