Leather-show Exhibit at Hong Kong
Photoed by HONG Daqing
Leather-show Exhibit at Hong Kong
Leather-show is an ancient art in Chinese history, which would be called the forerunner of the modern films. After the full preparation of 2years, such a special display would be opened on Nov. 1st, 2008 at the art gallery of City University, Hong Kong, which lasts for nearly 2 months and free in charge to the public. This time, some are 1st shown to the public with a total of over 300 pieces in exhibit.

      On Oct. 31st, there comes its open ceremony and Prof. ZHAO Changwen C Vice President of Sichuan University, Ms. Wong Sau-lan C Chief Curator of Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Prof. ZHENG Peikai C Director of Chinese Civilization Center, City University of Hong Kong attend, And Prof.ZHAO as well as Prof.ZHENG have had warm speeches at the open ceremony.


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